The Real Difference Between Thinking and Believing

We all have dreams, a life we want to live, a job we want to do, a mark we want to leave, but what separates those of us who only dream from those of us whose dreams come true?

Is it money? Is it education? Is it the right connections? Could be. It could be some of all of those, but that doesn’t explain the people who live their dreams and accomplish great things without any of those. It must be something else.

One thing most people have in common whose dreams come true is that they believed it, sacrificed for it, and made their daily choices as if it were possible.

If we truly believe, we make different choices. If we’re not believing, we really aren’t actively moving toward our dream at all. We’re just thinking positively about it and wishing for it. One is active and doing, and the other isn’t because more than likely we’re not truly believing it is possible. We’re accepting the defeat that keeps us from moving forward and making the daily decisions that propels us in the direction of our dreams.

What leading lady wants to live a life of defeat? That is most certainly not the dream. Be brave. You can do this.

I believe in the power of writing things down. Sit down and write your dream. What do you need to do to be moving in that direction? Make your decisions for the day like you believe your dreams are possible. If you believed your dreams were completely possible, what would you be doing differently today to move toward them? That is what you need to be doing. That is what will make dreams come true.

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