Networking Opportunities

Be a Leading Lady offers several networking opportunities. We all grow when we work together and encourage each other. In an effort to help us all grow, we offer several opportunities, including articles, affiliate program, contests & prizes.

— Be a Guest Contributor —

We love to have guest authors. It is a great opportunity to introduce you to our readers which are potential blog, twitter, or facebook followers for you.

Click here to submit an article: Submit Article Here

— Invite Be a Leading Lady to Write an Article for Your BLOG —

  • Article length
  • What & how much info about our site can we include
  • Article subject

Email here: Request an Article

— Donate a Prize —

We welcome prize donations. This is another great opportunity to introduce you to our readers which are potential followers. It will give your product exposure on our BLOG and facebook (15,000+ followers). Each contest will be posted on our site and posted on our social media accounts through the contest period. To offer a prize, please email us the following information:

  • Prize
  • Website URL
  • Do you have a contest idea, or do you want us to choose one?

Email here: Donate a Prize

— Request a Donated Prize for Your Contest —

We offer a limited number of inspirational bracelets and inspirational art for giveaways. Please visit our store to see available options. We ship only to US.

Please submit the following information:

  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Amount of times it will be promoted for each social media account?
  • Please list the item that you would like donated.

Email here: Request a Prize Donation

— Affiliate Program —

Coming soon.

— Other Opportunities —

We are always looking for complementary sites to partner with to help each other grow in social media and are also open to cross-promoting, and working on mutually beneficial projects together.

Email here: Networking Opportunity

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