Aimee Mullins – A Leading Lady BECAUSE of Her Challenges

Aimee Mullins is one of the most inspiring women that I have ever seen. You will be in AWE of this woman’s confidence, and as she says, not in spite of her challenges but BECAUSE of her challenges. There is NOTHING disabled about her. She believes that the only disability that people can have is a crushed spirit.

Oh, what we could take and learn from Aimee’s example of accepting what is but never accepting defeat. Two very different things.

Aimee’s story began the day she was born when she was born with fibular hemimelia (missing fibula bones). both of her legs were amputated at the knee when she was one year old. Since then she has excelled in sports, modeled, and acted, and has become a well-known public speaker where she shares her story and inspires others. She has been named one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world by People.

Be prepared to be inspired!

I would love to meet her parents!