Pinterest: The Vision Board Exercise

A while back I was thinking about how Pinterest is a vision board of sorts: a snapshot of who we are, who want to be, and what moves us. I looked at mine at the time, and it just seemed to be a hot mess. While it seemed to be a semi-reflection of the disarray and inner struggle that I felt at the time (and still do sometimes), this was not an accurate representation of the real person underneath it all. But where was she in all of the mess?

What I discovered while organizing my pin boards about a year later …my life may seem to be in disarray and does not always seem to be the life I dream of, but with a little culling and rearranging, there is a very beautiful life underneath it all. And I am closer to it than I realized.

This exercise showed me that I am still evolving and changing, but I am on the right path to becoming the person I was created to be. It’s exciting to see her and to know that she’s there. She’s been there all along.

And if I did this with a little time on my Pinterest board, what could I accomplish with a little culling and rearranging in my life.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest: The Vision Board Exercise

  1. Thanks for sharing. Sometime we forget that although we may look or feel a mess, God is at work cleaning us up.

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