Steps to Confidence and Growth – Your Future Awaits

Did you ever think that maybe the person that we want to be is the person that we are meant to be? Maybe the desire is our true self pulling us where we need to be. Go ahead and take the first step and just start owning it. If you want to be confident, then act confident. If you want to be adventurous, then go on an adventure. If you want to be brave, then do something that scares you. Go after the life you want. It just might be the life that you were destined to have.

We often think we must feel or be something first before we do it, but rarely does anything work like that. Many times we think someone is confident, adventerous, or brave but come to find out, they feel just like the rest of us. The only difference is they do it anyway. And that is how we learn these things. Once we have read enough, watch enough people do it, it will all come down to us practicing it. Sometimes we must do it before we feel like it.

Think about how we learn or do anything. Do people usually feel that they can swim before they learn how and practice it? No. They feel it after they have spent many hours learning it and then many more hours practicing it. The same goes for playing an instrument. We never feel like we can do it before we learn and practice. It’s after those many hours that we then FEEL it. Let’s suppose for one moment that this could apply to confidence. I don’t know anyone who wants to lack confidence but many of us do at different points in our lives. So what if we take this principle and use it for confidence. We will only feel it by practicing it. Actors and actresses do this all the time. When we are watching a movie we believe that the actors are feeling everything they are acting, but for all practical purposes, they are acting. The interesting thing about this is the more we practice something the more we feel it, and the more people respond to us as such, which then in turn makes us feel it even more.

Take, for instance, someone who wants to be more adventurous. But they are not in the habit of being adventurous. If this person started going on more adventures, they are going to start to feel excited, brave, and adventurous. And you know what? People are going to start looking at their lives and treating them like they are adventurous.

The main thing we have to do is just to decide what we want. More than likely, if it is something that we really want, it is who we are meant to be. Many people feel that we are naturally who we we are, but I do not believe this. I believe that because of many various factors that some of us rarely live up or reach our full potential. The reason I say this is many times who we are naturally is not who we really are. It’s who we are because of what we have gone through. It could even be an old wound that has stunted your growth. But just because this is who you are today, it does not mean it is who you were meant to be or who you will be tomorrow.

Putting it into practice:

In your journal, describe the person you want to be. What type of traits does she have? Place these traits on a chart or in columns. List under each trait behaviors that a person with that trait would exhibit. Choose from this list each day or each week. Keep it by your bed and add or change it as you grow. The most important thing is to remember that in order to change, you must change what you are doing. Read more on how to be confident and take a 30 day challenge by The Art of a Beautiful Life.

Find a time and place of solitude. Look into the distance, and into the future. Visualize the tomorrow you are going to build – and begin to build that tomorrow, today. -Jonathan Lockwood Huie