The “I’m Rockin’ It” Giveaway

Prize: “I’m Rockin’ It” Creative Retouch for one image of yours!

Every woman should have a picture that she loves of herself, a picture that makes her go, “Wow! That’s ME!” Find or take that picture today. -Topaz

And I want to help one lucky winner have that image!

Most of the pictures that we have of ourselves are snapshots, and that is great that we have those, but they are usually far off from the look of a professional image. That is where the “I’m Rockin’ It!” Giveaway comes in. I will use some of the same editing tools and secrets that professional photographers use to give your snapshot some professional pizzazz.

Digital snapshots have what we call a digital haze to them making them very flat, and often with a very cool tint to them. The  lighting is also sometimes not flattering, and these photo issues are not necessarily a true to life reflection of who we are. I will professionally edit your snapshot for you with the same tools that I would use for a client…even a light airbrushing for that professional portrait look!

Here are some examples of an image straight out of the camera and the professionally retouched version:

file891251766196-web-0before file891251766196-webafter
file2661251775881-web-0before file2661251775881-web-2after
file181249263916-web-0before file181249263916-web2after

So get that snapshot ready that you love but would love to see it professionally processed with a little extra pop and enter this month’s contest!

Photo Guidelines for the Winner:

  • Must be an image of which you own the rights.
  • Must not be a professionally taken image.
  • Must be only you in the image, no one else.
  • An image that is of reasonable beginning quality is best. My recommendations would be no low light and no flash images. A natural, indirect light is the best lighting for a portrait, places like a porch, entryway, car, or open shade.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail and must respond within 72 hours. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, another winner will be chosen.

How to enter: 

  1. Subscribe to the Be a Leading Lady E-mail List. All subscriptions must be confirmed by responding to the e-mail that you receive after you subscribe. (required to enter)
  2. After you subscribe and confirm your subscription, additional entries may be made by EACH comment that you make on articles between 3/4/13 – 3/28/13. (optional for additional chances to win)
  3. Spread the word to all of your friends, post on your pages and blogs and encourage them to subscribe! For every 100 new subscribers, I will be choosing an additional winner for an “I’m Rockin’ It” Creative Retouch! So tell your friends, the more entries, the more chances to win!