Making Room In Our Lives – Creating Our Space, Creating Our Life

I’ve been reading lately and this single thought seems to keep popping up in what I read and in my thoughts.

To have what we desire, we must make room for it. We tend to think empty spaces in our lives are bad and must be filled, filled with an activity, work, or even another person. But maybe these space are there to allow room for the desires of our heart.

This strikes a chord with me. The times in my life when great things happened, there was a new open space for them. And honestly, I am not sure those things would have happened if there had not been the space for them. And rarely do we have time for what we want. If something is important to us, we must MAKE time for it. We must remove something from that time in our life in order to make time for what we desire.


There is dissonance in my life now. I have felt it for a while, but the feeling is getting stronger every day. I am sure that is why the same thought is popping up in everything I read. Maybe it’s midlife. Maybe it’s my intuition drawing me and asking me to show up and live my days the way I want to live my life. Inside, my soul is yearning to live one way, but I look around not quite understanding how to get there from here. Here can be almost paralyzing. But the call of my soul is too strong to ignore. It won’t be silenced and won’t let me rest. It is time to begin creating my life, to begin living my days the way I want to live my life.

So this week, I am going to make two lists. One will be for the things that I need to remove. I am going to take some time to look around in my life and start removing what takes up time and space in my life that does not represent the way I want to live my days. The second list will be what I want more of in my life.

Are there things filling up your life that are taking up space and time and keeping you from what you want?

2 thoughts on “Making Room In Our Lives – Creating Our Space, Creating Our Life

  1. I need to clear spaces and time too…just not sure where to start but the suggestion of a list from this article gives me a starting point. Thank You!

  2. @Fay: Great, Fay! I look forward to hearing more about your journey! One of the areas that I am starting with is my home. I have changed so much over the years and what was once my style is now not so much anymore. It is a slow process, because it really causes you to think about what IS important and what is not. It even makes me think about what I want to make space for in my home, like a reading and writing nook. I feel like I discover more of myself every day as I do this. There are so many levels and spaces to focus on this journey. I look forward to hearing what everyone is doing to create the life they want.

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