Be Your Own Valentine on Valentine’s Day – Ways to Celebrate

Be your own Valentine…what a great day to love yourself.

I must confess. I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I’m not necessarily cynical about love or anything, just a day centered on forced displays of affection with cheesy, meaningless gifts designed to boost retail sells. And, honestly, I give this day zero thought until I walk through the store to see aisles and aisles of all of the Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. It probably doesn’t help that I’m on a huge decluttering kick.

But that is just me. Many people love the day, and that is fine, too.

The one thing that we can all probably agree on is the fact that it is a day that tends to make a woman feel especially alone if she finds herself without a date on the biggest “love” day of the year, especially younger women. I do love certain things about getting older, and a thing like that not bothering me anymore is one of them. So in keeping with the spirit of being a leading lady, I wanted to offer some other options for those who are feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s Day. And if you are fine, you might know someone who might benefit from these suggestions, so be sure to tell your friends and share it on your facebook wall. Let’s take away its power to make us feel that way this year. It’s easier than you might think.

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