Christmas Card Templates – JPG and PSD

I NEED to be thinking about this.  July is half way over.  This seems to happen every year.  It’s like we go from December to July, and then it’s December again.  I am always at a loss for what happens to all of the other months.

Christmas cards take planning and time.  There are outfits to coordinate, scheduling of everyone in the family, and you need to book with a photographer in time to get your pictures back for Christmas.

Many photographers now offer an option to purchase a digital file, so that you can design, print and send out your own Christmas cards.  All you need is your own card template to use.

As someone who usually ends up sending out her Christmas cards on Christmas Eve, I speak from my heart when I say it is NEVER too early to start thinking of Christmas.  Every year I say it will be different, but I don’t think I have EVER got them out early. But YOU can be different, and I will help you.  Those who can’t, help those who can.


Christmas Card 0001

JPG Download – 0001
PSD Download – 0001


Christmas Card 0002

JPG Download – 0002
PSD Download – 0002


Christmas Card 0003

JPG Download – 0003
PSD Download – 0003

Feel free to use this for your own Christmas cards.  Photographers feel free to use it for yourself or your clients.  Just please do not share or sale the template by itself to anyone. If you would like to share it with your friends, please give them the link to this post.

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