Everyone Has a Story

When we see someone being positive and full of joy, it’s easy to think they are this way because their life is full ll sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows Sometimes this may be true, but more times than not, it is because they choose it. In spite of whatever their trials or situation, they choose joy and choose to embrace and celebrate life. Every day we can choose  to edit our life for the best possible story. Life may be easier if we are given the tools growing up to handle it better, but even if we aren’t, it doesn’t mean that we can’t acquire the attitude and skills we need to change our course.

To some, my life might seem perfect, but it’s not. Honestly, whose life is? The truth is that we never truly know what someone has dealt with in their life or what they are dealing with. I am going to share something I wrote for my personal blog. This is being extremely vulnerable, but I am doing this to show you that true joy is an internal work. I have true joy. Do I have bad days sometimes? Sure. Everyone does. But for the most part, I have joy, true joy. There are people in far better situations than I might be in with far less joy. Our life is how we choose to live it, and I am a happy person loving life, because I make the choice to be that and do that every day. Some days are definitely harder than others. But there is so much to celebrate and so much positivity to embrace. It seems such waste to not focus on that.

I am not a leading lady that lives a charmed life. Most of us aren’t. I am not a perfect person. I make mistakes. We all do. I experience struggles. What I am doing differently in my life today is that I am showing up for it. I am learning to trust myself to lead my own life and not let others lead it for me.  I am a leading lady that lives a real life. Some of the best movies are about a leading lady whose story was hard at some point, but she lived it well and had a happy ending, even if the happy ending was just about the person that she became and how she found joy no matter what her circumstances. All great stories have a conflict. That and living it well, is what makes a great story. Do not let your circumstances determine the altitude of your life.

Maybe we are not 100% where we should be to make great decisions for ourselves. Start where you are. Educate yourself, and learn to trust your still small voice.

My purpose in sharing my current story on the link below and telling you all of this is to show you that no matter where you are in life right now, you can start there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start.

Click here is part of my story…
Blooming Is Possible Even When Your World Is Turned Upside Down

What is your story?

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