Be Careful with Your Heart

I applaud the leading ladies making changes in their lives, whether it be at midlife or any age. There are many times in our life when we come to crossroads. It might be when we approach middle age, after a divorce, death, or other life changing event, but it is a significant point in our life that is an opportunity, an opportunity to change our lives and to write a new and even better ending to our story.

So many people buy into the philosophy of, “Well, this is just how I am,” and they don’t think they should change. Oh, that we should all be born so perfect. Rarely is that the case, though, no matter how much someone wishes to believe it. In fact, usually the ones making that statement need to change the most.

“Midlife is our second chance. If you want to spend the years you have left simply reenacting the dramas of your past, you can. The same script will indeed be coming around again for your review. It always does. But if you choose, you can tale the script and give it an awesome rewrite, totally get on top of your material, and take a bow at the end that blows everyone away.” -Marianne Williamson

Many times we come to crossroads at this stage of our life: Do we see middle age as the beginning of the end and live in the past (past mistakes, past issues, etc.) and just wallow in the misery of it all, or do we see it as an opportunity, an opportunity for change, and an opportunity to write a new chapter in our story that we can begin much wiser and more experienced?

This reminds me of a story that I want to share with you. It was an important lesson that I learned approximately 15 years ago. My sons and I volunteered at a nursing home for years, and the very first day I learned one of the most important lessons of my life. As I observed the different residents and their personalities (one of the hazards of being a continuous people watcher), I noticed some who were gentle and kind with a quiet joy, and I noticed some who were very difficult who seemed to be angry and just unhappy in general. Whatever attitude these people had chosen years ago, stuck. And stuck hard.

I thought of myself and the other people in my life and realized how important the attitude that we choose today is because it could be the one that we must live with for the rest of our lives. Remember when you would make a face as a child and a parent would say to stop it or your face would freeze like that? Well, this is what happens with our heart. Be careful with your heart and who you choose to be, or it will freeze like that. As leading ladies, we need to be ever so mindful of this. Be careful with your heart because the attitude that you choose today could be the one that you are stuck with for the rest of your life.

Be careful with your heart and who you choose to be, because it has a tendency to freeze like that. -Topaz

No matter what has brought you to the crossroads of life – a life changing event, an article or quote that you read, or an observation that you made – take this opportunity to honestly evaluate your life, your attitude, and your heart. Then change what needs to be changed to edit your story for the best possible ending. What leading lady wouldn’t want that for her life? And remember, even at intermission, the best is still yet to come. ~Topaz

Have you found yourself giving your life a rewrite?

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