Balcony People | The Heroes in our Lives

Leading ladies have balcony people. They are the people who make you feel loveable when the whole world makes you feel unloveable. They are the ones that no matter what happens they are there saying, “I love you, and you are AMAZING.” They will wrap their arms around you and tell the whole world to kiss their ass and to leave you alone. Somehow, it makes nothing the mean people and bullies in the world do matter so much. It makes whatever they do roll off your back so much easier and faster.

You don’t need an army of them, but you do need a few people that will have your back. They cheer you on, they give you a hug, encourage you, and protect you.

Sometimes, no matter how strong you are or how brave you are, your shoulders are tired, and it feels so good to have your balcony people.

I am forever grateful for my balcony people.

Life is wonderful in that sometimes we have the balcony people and sometimes we get to be the balcony people. Our balcony people also need encouragement, less they run out of love to give. So look around and see who the balcony people in your life are. Do not ever take them for granted because great balcony people are hard to come by. Let’s do something extra special for the balcony people in our lives!

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    • Thank you so much, Mayra! I’ve been amazed at the response. It has spoken to the hearts of many.

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