Appreciative Living

I watched the Hallmark movie Have a Little Faith tonight. It was such a good movie, and one scene in particular caught my attention. It was the scene where people were standing in line for food. They were handed simple things like a bag of potatoes and bread. I have never had to stand in line for food, but we did go through a sudden job loss a couple of years ago where the only area left to cut back was the grocery budget. We went from having a shopping cart full of food to a cart that barely had the bottom covered. But what I do remember during those lean times is the fact that we enjoyed what we did have even more. Even something like a bag of potatoes or bread would have been appreciated and enjoyed. We apprecciated every little thing more than ever, even going to the library to borrow dvds instead of renting them was enjoyed more than ever. We were thankful that we had the gas to drive to the library once a week. It really isn’t how much we have, it’s just being grateful for what we do have.

The funny thing is we had so much less then, so you would think we would be even more appreciative now, but you know it was a completely different level of appreciation when it was all you had. As leading ladies, let’s take a little time each day and appreciate all that we have, even the little things, like how much easier life is with a can opener when you have arthritis or what a great and cheap cleaner vinegar is or how wonderful a pair of gloves can be in the cold winter. A grateful and appreciative heart is a beautiful heart. ♥

What are you thankful for today?

2 thoughts on “Appreciative Living

  1. This is such a beautiful site and I love all the postings on FB. I am just wondering where the picture of the pastel buildings was taken? It’s lovely.

  2. Thank you so much, Joanne!

    Do you mean the picture at the top in my banner? I believe that was Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina. I took it a couple of years ago and just recently ran across it. Thank you! ♥

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